Bought a new Motorola baby monitor? If in case you lost your instruction manual of your new baby monitor, this article here will help you out with setting it up for you. We will teach you how to pair Motorola baby monitor to your parent unit.pair motorola device

This will be quick and easy, so try to follow the instructions carefully. Don’t worry. There is nothing in this instruction that will make your baby monitor explode or cause cancer. If worst comes to worst, you will only have to reset the setup from the start. Unless you broke the monitor by accident, there’s nothing we can do about it. Perhaps you can try requesting for warranty repair from the seller or from the Motorola hotline. So here is a quick guide on how to pair Motorola baby monitor to the parent device.

Pair Motorola Baby Monitor to a Parent Device

  1. If your Motorola baby monitor comes with a battery, now is the time to install them on the baby monitor device. If it has a power adapter plug, you may now connect those at the back of the baby monitor unit and plug it into the nearest power supply. The same goes for the parent unit.
  2. Note: Please be reminded that you must only use the included adapter that was enclosed with the baby and parent unit.
  3. Power on both the baby unit and the parent unit by sliding/pushing the power button. The LED will follow through will be lit up.
  4. Once both units are fully turned ON, the screen from the parent unit will display a feed from the baby monitor. Yes, all you need to do to pair both Motorola devices is to let them fully boot.
  5. The parent unit will automatically detect the baby monitor unit.
  6. If in cases that the parent unit cannot detect the baby monitor unit, move closer to the device.
  7. Eventually, the parent unit will detect the baby unit and will display the captured video of the baby unit.


Since the parent and baby units are already pre-registered and paired by default you won’t need to pair it again. But if in case that the baby unit totally loses its link, here is what you should do.

  1. Press the menu button of the parent unit and the list of the menu will pop up.
  2. Press the left and right button until you find the camera icon.
  3. Click on the camera button and you will see the Add, View, Scan, and Delete menu. And since you are re-registering the baby unit, choose the Scan option.
  4. Let the parent unit scan and detect the baby monitor.
  5. Once the baby monitor icon appears, highlight the icon and click Pair.
  6. The video feed from the baby monitor camera will now appear on the parent unit.


Lase be reminded and keep in mind that the Motorola baby monitor is just a utility to help you keep an eye on your kid. It is not a replacement for a responsible and proper handling of a child. So please, as well as this baby monitor can deliver a proper video monitoring function, it is always best to be always there for your child.

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