Which is The Best Baby Monitor to Buy In 2018

For our child, we will offer only the best of things that we can give. And with a baby monitor, we will give him or her the best baby monitor this year. Just so you know, the best does not mean the most expensive item in the market. For true consumers, there are guidelines and considerations that need to be followed. And those guidelines are the ones that we are going to use to find out the best baby monitors 2018.Best Baby Monitor

Guidelines when choosing the best baby monitor

Before we head straight to the list of best baby monitors, you have to learn first the guidelines that we used to choose between the top five that we reviewed. This list may or may not be according to your preference but these are what the common consumers consider.

  • Overall Design and Impressions

Before a typical consumer considers a product, the overall look is what gets the attention of a consumer. If it looks good, it will get a head-turn. So it is important that an item like the baby monitor should be looking decent and impressive.

  • Price

After admiring the design, there goes the price check. I mean, who does not do that? I guess rich people don’t but as far as experience goes, this is how people do. The price matters because a budget is already set when a person considers buying a product such as baby monitors.

  • Features

What can it do? That’s another important question that must be answered. And it needs to be answered. If all the features include the basic features that the consumer is looking for, then it becomes a prospect. Some just buy the product by impulse which is wrong. A consumer must not be hasty to buy something when he or she has not yet seen the rest of available similar items. You’ll never know what you’ll find when you look further around. Just put it on your list first and then decide later before going home.

  • User Reviews

Here is where quality meets customer satisfaction. It is so easy to say that their product is the best. It’s so easy to say that they placed a new feature that can change and make our life better. But until some users attest to such claims, it’s not real. Marketing strategists are quite tricky so believing in every word they say could cost you a lot of frustrations and disappointment.

Those are the main guidelines that we must consider. If you can relate, feel free to leave a comment down below.

What is the Best Baby Monitor?

Being the best is subjective. What’s best for one person may not amount much to another. So to answer the question about the best baby monitor, we just chose five of the best ones in the market using the four guidelines that we used above.

Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor

This baby monitor for us is the best on this list. With regards to features, it has the complete package. Well, at least all the basic features that are typically necessary for us parents.


  • It supports pan, tilt, and even zoom movement in order to cover the most part of the room.Infant Optics DXR8
  • The parent unit has a 5-inch colored LCD display.
  • Its battery life can last up to 6 hours straight with continuous screen time. And up to 10 hours straight on battery-saving mode.

It’s the best because, in terms of features, you won’t believe the price tag that comes with it. With just around $170, you can get this baby monitor. It looks good and it has great positive reviews.

Samsung Wisenet BrightVIEW

The Samsung is a brand that a lot of people recognize. When it comes to electronic products, they excel naturally. And if you think that because it bears the Samsung brand it is expected to be expensive, you’re wrong. It actually just cost around $170 as well.

FeaturesSamsung Wisenet BrightView

  • It has a 5-inches screen on the parent unit.
  • Supports two-way talk communication between the parent unit and the baby monitor.
  • It has a long range capability of up to 900 ft.
  • Comes with pre-programmed lullabies to help your baby sleep longer.

The Samsung Wisenet BrightVIEW came close to being our number one choice because of its many features and the brand that it carries. But with user’s opinions that we need to consider, we had to put this baby monitor to number two.

Hello Baby Wireless Video Baby Monitor

When it comes to features, performance, reviews, and price, the Hello Baby Wireless Video Baby Monitor is a contender that is hard to ignore. With great reviews to back it up, this baby monitor is not cheap just because it is low-priced. It is a great value for money for all parents.

FeaturesHello baby Wireless Video Baby Monitor

  • Quick and easy setup.
  • Supports night vision view.
  • Expandable up to 4 cameras.
  • Temperature monitoring with alarm.
  • With pre-programmed lullabies.

The Hello Baby Wireless Video Baby Monitor is packed with lots of features that are particularly useful for any parents. So if this is your choice this year, you will not regret it. For its price, you will get a lot.

Arlo Baby by NETGEAR Smart WiFi Baby Monitor

The Arlo Baby by NETGEAR Smart WiFi Baby Monitor might be priced the highest on this list but considering what it brings to the table, it is worth it. If you are looking for a high definition video streaming with audio, this is your baby monitor. There is nothing else that you need. Here are more features so you will understand why.

FeaturesArlo Baby by NetGear

  • Delivers live and recordable 1080p quality video so you will see more details.
  • It comes with a mobile app so you can view your child anywhere you are.
  • Two-way talk communication to make your baby feel that you are still there near him or her.
  • Supports integration with popular smart assistants. This helps when you want to control all connected device inside your house such as air-condition and music.
  • Advanced night vision view and also comes in 1080p resolution.

This baby monitor costs more or less around $200 and with that features included, it’s easy to understand why. So if you can cough up more from your wallet, the Arlo Baby by NETGEAR Smart WiFi Baby Monitor is a good buy.

NETVUE Home Security Camera

The NETVUE Home Security Camera is just a camera that you can use and integrate into your home’s smart assistant if you have one. And to make this baby monitor more interesting, it just costs $35. Let me surprise you even more with the features.

FeaturesNetVue Home Security Camera

  • With smart motion detector and sends an alarm to your smartphone.
  • Supports mobile app so you can view anywhere you are.
  • The 720p video quality is great if your smartphone has a big screen.
  • It also supports night-vision view so you can monitor your baby even at night with the lights off.

In case you can’t believe the first mention, the NETVUE Home Security Camera is only worth $35. And to think that it has got all those features mentioned above, this baby monitor is a steal.

I hope you found your best baby monitor. And if you do, go on ahead and make that purchase. We highly recommend all the five baby monitors on this list as we have tried and researched a lot of reviews regarding these items.

If you have questions that you are itching to ask us, feel free to say it in the comment section below. And if this article has helped you, do share this on your social media sites. We appreciate that and we will strive to do more and better in the next articles.

How to teach Good Behavior to Children

How to teach Good Behavior to Children

Every parent wants provide good life to their children. They wants children grow up with good culture which support their child in life. But most of parent are not happy with the behavior of their children. And for that parent are responsible for bad behavior of their children.

-To change behavior of your children, you must change your behavior too

-There may be some reason behind bad behavior of your children

-Make a daily routine for your children and teach and appreciate them to follow their daily routine.

-If your child feel any sad or unhappy, let discuss with him with calmly.

-Help your children in their homework in partly.

-Keep watching your child always.

-Improve sense of bad and good in your child.

These small action can help you to understand your children and their growing skills.

How To Connect Motorola Baby Monitor To WiFi

Is this your first time to connect your Motorola baby monitor to your WiFi network? If so, you probably do not know the right way to connect your baby monitor devices. So in this article, we will teach you the proper way to connect Motorola baby monitor to WiFi.motorola baby monitor

The Motorola baby monitor can help parents see and view their beloved baby wherever they are inside the house. And with the coverage of internet, they can even watch the video live feed anywhere they are in town or out of town. All they need is an app and a consistent data network. Anyway, here is how to connect Motorola baby monitor to WiFi.

Connect Motorola Baby Monitor to WiFi

  1. Before you can properly connect your smartphone to the baby monitor, you must first install the Hubble for Motorola monitor app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store if you are an iOS user.
  2. Now make sure that the monitor is powered on. If not, plug in the power adapter and push the power on button to boot the device.
  3. Now if you see that the baby monitor device is fully on, you may now open the Hubble app on your smartphone device.
  4. To prevent interference, you must turn off the parent device for this method. You can turn it on later when the baby monitor and your smartphone is connected properly.
  5. You may now launch the Hubble app on your smartphone. Tap detect camera.detect camera
  6. Once the scan is complete it will show the available camera that you can connect with. Tap on the camera model of your current baby monitor device. If you can’t see your device model name, just tap on Other Cameras.Select model of camera
  7. Give it a few moments to establish a connection and wait for the confirmation on the app. When the baby monitor camera is connected, the blinking LED light on the device will stop and turn steady. Some devices turn to blue, and some turn to green when the connection is finally established.setup complete

Accessing Other Features

Aside from the live feed, some baby monitor cameras have other sensors that can help with monitoring your baby. There is motion detecting feature, ECO mode where a certain intensity of sounds will trigger the video feed of the device and the room temperature sensor. All of those are accessible within the Hubble app so you can do almost everything remotely through the app itself.setup motion detection settings

Do you have other concerns or questions? If you want to share your feedback, feel free to leave your ideas in the comment section. Rest assured that we will read all of them. And if needed, we will respond to all of them one by one.

How To Pair Motorola Baby Monitor To A Parent Device

Bought a new Motorola baby monitor? If in case you lost your instruction manual of your new baby monitor, this article here will help you out with setting it up for you. We will teach you how to pair Motorola baby monitor to your parent unit.pair motorola device

This will be quick and easy, so try to follow the instructions carefully. Don’t worry. There is nothing in this instruction that will make your baby monitor explode or cause cancer. If worst comes to worst, you will only have to reset the setup from the start. Unless you broke the monitor by accident, there’s nothing we can do about it. Perhaps you can try requesting for warranty repair from the seller or from the Motorola hotline. So here is a quick guide on how to pair Motorola baby monitor to the parent device.

Pair Motorola Baby Monitor to a Parent Device

  1. If your Motorola baby monitor comes with a battery, now is the time to install them on the baby monitor device. If it has a power adapter plug, you may now connect those at the back of the baby monitor unit and plug it into the nearest power supply. The same goes for the parent unit.
  2. Note: Please be reminded that you must only use the included adapter that was enclosed with the baby and parent unit.
  3. Power on both the baby unit and the parent unit by sliding/pushing the power button. The LED will follow through will be lit up.
  4. Once both units are fully turned ON, the screen from the parent unit will display a feed from the baby monitor. Yes, all you need to do to pair both Motorola devices is to let them fully boot.
  5. The parent unit will automatically detect the baby monitor unit.
  6. If in cases that the parent unit cannot detect the baby monitor unit, move closer to the device.
  7. Eventually, the parent unit will detect the baby unit and will display the captured video of the baby unit.


Since the parent and baby units are already pre-registered and paired by default you won’t need to pair it again. But if in case that the baby unit totally loses its link, here is what you should do.

  1. Press the menu button of the parent unit and the list of the menu will pop up.
  2. Press the left and right button until you find the camera icon.
  3. Click on the camera button and you will see the Add, View, Scan, and Delete menu. And since you are re-registering the baby unit, choose the Scan option.
  4. Let the parent unit scan and detect the baby monitor.
  5. Once the baby monitor icon appears, highlight the icon and click Pair.
  6. The video feed from the baby monitor camera will now appear on the parent unit.


Lase be reminded and keep in mind that the Motorola baby monitor is just a utility to help you keep an eye on your kid. It is not a replacement for a responsible and proper handling of a child. So please, as well as this baby monitor can deliver a proper video monitoring function, it is always best to be always there for your child.

If you have other questions, feel free to leave a comment below. Rest assured that we are reading all your feedback. Also, if this article has helped you, do share this article with your social media accounts.